BLOG 2 – Audio recording of ‘mental health’ doctor

Since I was put in the system at the age of 21 they have recorded and documented what I have told them.  So, I thought it was only fair to start recording them too.  I have audio evidence of what they state through their own manipulation by the governments laws and teachings.  I have spoken to many patients with similar ‘illnesses’. I witnessed the manipulation of families and friends to make ‘patients’ take medication.  Seen first hand the sedation and addiction of ‘prescribed’ drugs.  They will tell try to manipulate sane people with their ideas of a spirit world and a dishonest government.  Make them trust the system and sedate any ideas or beliefs that would give the government less control.

In the words of Zach De La Rocha ‘Yes, I know my enemy.  They are the teachers that told me to fight me’.

To hear a sample of what was recorded           http://www.reverbnation.com/TribeMusicPage


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