BLOG 3 – 2012 Awakening Rallies

We will be holding various 2012 Awakening Rallies around Belfast, Northern Ireland to raise awareness of worthwhile causes as well as protest against various wrongs.  All the places where we will be holding them are said to be open to the public.  We intend to test this.  Through various media manipulation we are told we have freedom of speech and live in a democratic society.  They can tell us these things but are they actually true.

It is told to us that it is not illegal for someone to play an instrument or talk opening about their opinions so ‘legally’ there should not be any law enforcement.

All the events we are planning are free and can not be taxed or shut down due to them all being open to the public.  There will be live music, circus performers and talks on self control, Tarot reading and Government manipulation.

Many artists and musicians have tried getting out this message during the Hippy Revolution.  Musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrision and John Lennon all carried the torch of a free world.  Let’s not all the artists and musicians who tried to help us see die in vain but keep carrying the torch until the job is done.

For dates of future gigs or good general information on the awakening click below …. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Awakening/448695928497461


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