BLOG 4 – The deaths of musicians who stood up to the government

Many musicians and artists who stood up to the government’s teachings and enforcement died young.  They all died in different ways.  However, all at similar stages when the government’s control was slipping.

It is not uncommon for musicians or artists to take illegal drugs.  Due to what we are told about drugs it is easy to forgive a drug overdose or heart attack for a cause of death.  There have been many drug related deaths of musicians that have stood up to the government.  The question I have is ‘why do experienced drug users die due a sudden lack of knowledge on drugs?’.  Where do all the years of experience on what NOT to do on drugs suddenly go?  I personally believe, that when a musician or artist is getting the crowd a bit too awake to government control, they are ‘silenced’ in ways most wouldn’t really question.  Perhaps, with drugs.  Perhaps, in other ways.

When the crowd where starting to follow what artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison or John Lennon where saying.  The government where receiving less control and unfortunately these artists died before the government had fully lost their grip on us all.  May be a coincidence but to be honest, I am sick to death of using that excuse.  Daily, the government will try and pull the wool over our eyes to prevent loss of their control.  I wont let them do it to me. I would recommend yourselves to always have your questions.  Question their answers, as their answers are normally just to divert you from the truth.

Many people have carried the torch of a free world.  Lets not let their deaths be in vain.  Carry that torch until the job is done.


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