BLOG 5 – To the Armed Forces 


I hope you are well.  We believe that a lot of you in the armed forces are really good people.  You are all our brothers, sisters and friends. 

Your own governments have feed you lies to manipulate to fight, kill and die for your government’s own arguments between other power hungry governments.  The ones you fight also have their own brothers and sisters and friends manipulated in all the other armies for their Governments attacks on each other.  It has come to a stage that we know this throughout the world.  

Unfortunately, in some places the other governments have too much control over the Media. Luckily, now through the Internet it is a harder for the government to switch off.  To be honest, I’m sure you all know this already.  

Why do why fight for these governments?  Surely we should be fighting for our own brothers, sisters and friends.  Let the governments remember who is holding their guns.   Strike.  Until necessary, hold the guns for the people.  Refuse their training and do what you would like to do.  Even for day.  As one person, you’ll see how they try and control you.  If you stand together, we’ll see that we can control us.  The government can’t manipulate us to kill, die or suffer no longer. 

Anyway brothers, sisters and friends have a nice day. Enjoy yourself.


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